When I was still in junior high I used to work on weekends at the local super market and gather up the trolleys people put their groceries in and allso do fillin stuff in most of the departments of the store. That are my first encounters of work and getting payed for doing work.

In the summer time I worked at what is called "Unglingavinna" in Iceland, it is a job for people in junior high. We cut grass, weed out gardens for people and all kinds of stuff that are related to gardening. It is a boring job (specially when it rains) but it lets you have something to do and gives a little cash in the pocket to go to the movies in the evening.

When I graduated from junior high and wanted to go to high school I couldnt get into the school that I wanted until after new years eve. So I waited and got a job in road repairs at a company called Bergsteinn and was with them for just over 3 months or until it got to cold and snowy to do any road repairs.

Ahh, yes, I must not forgett the time before I started at Bergsteinn that I worked at shoe repairs in the summer time (so I was working inside in the summer time, and when fall came I got myself an outside job, I am sooooo smart!). Well, after I had started high school I didnt work anything except at summer and then I worked at Olís a local oil-gasoline distribution company here in Iceland. This I did for 3 summers, working with a fork lifter and filling up palletts to send out to our gas stations. It was fun to work on a fork lifter, I think I was starting to drive that machine before I started to drive a car.

After Olís I worked as a general laborer for my then home town, Seltjarnarnesbær. There I got to know Ási that would later hire me for one summer as a general laborer doing concrete work, pavements and stuff like that. So I have had my share of hard work (I think at least).

In the summer of 1997 I get a job at the National Energy Authority and I work for them for 3 summers while I finish my degree in physics at the University. At that place I was working for a man named Oddur Sigurðsson who is a geologist and does glacier measurements. Once I got to go with him to one of the glaciers, it was a fun trip. I think I would like to do that again some day (Hey, Oddur, if your reading this, hint hint hint). But I got to travel all over the country doing this job, because I allso got to go out and do regular river measurements. That is when you go into big boots and vade through the river with a stick in your hand and say "The current here is about 20 m/s" and then float away to the see and never be found again or end up in the nets of some fishing boat, only real men do this work! But most of the time I was hooked up in the office doing stuff with the data that was gathered, putting them up in charts, doing some calculations, some programming and general data gathering work.

At my final year in University I took a teaching job at my old high school, I tought physics to people in sociology and language departments, that was an ordeal.

When I finally graduated from University I got a bit adventureus and went to the USA and got a job there through IAESTE at the University of Wisconsin in the Electrical Engineering Department. There I was mostly a programmer (even though I didnt know a thing about programming when I came there, all self tought) in a group that worked with Sonic Mems. It was a really nice experience and before I will forgett it I will put up a webpage about it.

When I came back home I started to work at the National Hospital of Iceland in the Radiation Therapy Department where we did dosimetry on the linear accelerators that were used to radiate the patients, calculate radiation therapy time, development of methods in the work and implementing new technologies and methods to improve treatment.

So this is my resume (very informal one) that leeds me to my current position, as physics student at the University of Copenhagen.