I am sort of a science/technology fanatic. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from the University of Iceland and recieved that in the spring time of the year 2000 so I claim to know a bit about science and technology and I try to keep up with what is new and improve my skills and knowledge with most of my time. In these pages I am going to reveal my interests and try to tell you my good reader about them.

First Im gonna get a little bit philosophical and tell you why I think we have science and technology. First of all, I think that science is just to serve technology. If you think about it, what can you do with science? What is science? For instance the fact that all things fall to the center of the earth is science, but what can you do with this knowledge? As soon as you start to apply this knowledge to everyday life then it becomes technology so therefore science is the basis of technology and we need technology to make our life less difficult and complicated. Unfortunately the stage our technology is in today is not at a wery high level and most of the time it complicates things more than it solves. BUT, have patience and things will get better (I hope). For instance, if you take a look at the development of the car then it was a bloody bastard to begin with. It was hard getting fuel for it, the roads for it were bad etc etc. So it was really better to stick to the horse at those days but that was then, this is now! So you see that all we have to do is give us some time and all this technology that we are developing today will become usefull one day and it wont be developed unless we start somewhere. That somewhere seems to be right here, right now!

Glad I got that of my chest, I just dont like people that are allways bitching about why technology cant do this, cant do that, why it is so complicated etc etc. But Im keeping on ranting and should get to the science department here.

Science is a very broad area. The main departments of it are though physics, mathematics, biology, computer science, chemistry, food science and geology. Under these fall all natural scientific jobs you can find in the world (if I am forgettin any, then my sincere appologies). You perhaps notice that I dont put engineering in there that is because I dont view them as scientists, they are more in the technology area. Taking what we scientist do and applying it to the real world. So you see that one cant live without the other according to my definitions of science and technology.

A few interesting physics links:

Physics Web is one of my favorite places on the web, specially their news section. One of the best news sections on physics that I know about.
Eric Weissteins's world of physics is an excelent lookup site for physics concepts and their explanation.