So you want to know a little bit more about me, I am not surprised. Who wouldnt want to know more about a great guy like myself :-)
Well, at a place called VarmahlÝ­ in Skagafir­i, Iceland, on the second of october in the year 1974 a thing happend that would change the world as human kind knew it before that time. I was born!
Destiny didnt think that place was good enough for a grand person like myself so she moved me to the capitol of Iceland, Reykjavik, at the age of 2 months. Yes, the savior of many people made a journey at the same time 1974 years before but this one was far more important.
So I got to grow up in the friendly neighborhood of the big city environment. You have to realize one thing before you critizise this statement and that is, Reykjavik was never small!
At the age of 6 I began my all so long school life and have not finished yet! I am taking a short pause at the moment but I have done that before and no harm came of that (I think). Yes my dear reader, I am reckless when it comes to school. I dont want to end up getting a PhD in physics before Im thirty years old like some wery weird people have done so I decided that I was here in this world to enjoy life, not to suffer. Hence I am a bit of an oppertunist when it comes to enjoying life.
Well, I finished the equivelence of high school (gymnasium for de danske sprog) at the age of 20 and went straigt up to university and entered there the undergraduate study in physics and graduated from that 5 years later or in the year 2000 (its kinda cool having that year as your graduation year dont you think?).
So you dont just want the facts, allso my social side?
Ok, let me tell you about the person behind the face.
I am a weird person, or so at least many people say. I like to do many things amongst them are things like, listening to music, watcing movies, reading, fooling around in a computer, traveling, learning new things and much more that I cant think of at the moment.
Now to tell you a little about my fascinations in those areas I will begin:

Now even though I have all those great qualitys like being really intelligent, extremely handsom, wery fun person and all so modest I still havnt been able to find myself a companion for shorter or longer time. It is rather difficult when I am so perfect to find someone that can intrigue me and charm me off my feet (specially since I am a wery earth bound person). So if you follow up to the following standards then you can send me an email and tell me where I can meet you: