My Bookmarks

News and Talk
Slashdot, News for Nerds
The Register
The BBC News
Independent Media Center
Counterpunch, American Political Newsletter
Project Syndicate a very nice web page with loads of articles by journalist's and others from all over the world.
The Guardian
Foreign Correspondent
National Geographic Magazine.
Disinfopedia run by PR Watch.
Reporters Without Borders. watches the media.
The Economist.
Foreign Affairs.
Millennium Development Goals, notice, these are 3 different links.
Institute for War and Peace Reporting.
The Watt, is an excellent news site (slashdot style) about energy and everything related to that.

The Linux Documentation Project
The Linux Weekly News
The Debian Project
Planet Debian
debianPlanet, excellent tutorial on the debian system.
Linux Journal
Linux Format
Dr. Dobbs Journal
Free Software Magazine

Open source software for scientists

Gnuplot, plotting utility.
The not so frequently asked questions about gnuplot.
Octave, computational language.
Maxima, a computer algebra system.
Linux Links.
Jed Quick Reference.
How to publish material using pdf files.
A nice sed introcution.
OpenCollector has a lot of info about open and not so open source software for scientists.

Science is extremely good
Physicsweb is the best!
Physics Today is very good allso.
The Net Advance of Physics is a really good resource point for physics concepts. It points towards articles written in peer reviewed papers about the concpepts.
Eric Weisstein's world of physics is more for people who dont want to read scientific articles but get it in plain english with a bit of mathematics.
Physics 2000 is excellent, a site created by the people of Boulder Colorado University and introduces modern physics in the question answer mode, beware though, the site uses frames and has a lot of java applets.
Reviews of Modern Physics is a very good paper with free articles on the website.
Hyperphysics! Excellent review of most basic physics in a "hyper" way.
Science Blog has news from all sorts of sciences.
Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends, another science blog.
Scientific American.
Encyclopedia of laser physics and technology
Time and frequency glossary at NIST.
Sams laser FAQ.
Archive of a good laser resource.
Planet Math, a wiki based math forum.
QWiki is a wiki about quantum physics.
Quantiki, a wiki about quantum information science.

Misc. stuff
Amnesty International.
Human Rights Watch.
Global Witness.
Internet Movie Database
Roger Ebert, a renowned movie critic.
The DHMO danger is upon us!
NoLogo is Naomi Klein's website about globalisation.
5 day weather forcast for Copenhagen.

Interesting Documentarys I have seen
Belowe are usually either the Internet Movie Database entry or the official site for the production.
CIA; secret wars.
Bowling for Columbine.
Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media.
This Is What Democracy Looks Like.
Security Threat.
Just, Melvin: Just Evil.
Power and Terror: Noam Chomsky in Our Times.
Exposed: The Carlyle Group. Not an official site I think but it contains the video. Made by the Dutch VPRO TV station.
Fahrenheit 9/11.
Peace One Day and the organization that is growing up behind this movie (movement), its great news.
Super Size Me, allso look at the entry in
Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism.
The world according to Bush, official website.

Interesting things to watch out for:
As soon as I read something interesting about one of these issues I will link to it here (if I remember to do so).


Watch the Guardians section on climate change
Planet Under Pressure, a BBC News In Depth issue on the 6 most pressing issues facing the human race today regarding the climate.
Fuelling the Future, a BBC News In Depth issue on the environment and how we are going to live on this planet with the energy consumption of today.
Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.

Article in the june 2004 issue of National Geographic Magazine.
BBC analysis on why oil prices are going up, written on the 28th of september 2004 just after the oil barrell reached $50 a barrel for the third time in history.
WTRG Economics analyzis on history of oil prizes., collection of links on articles about oil.
ASPO is an institution that studies when we will reach peak producion of oil.
The end of oil is closer than you think, an article in The Guardian.
It's Not the End Of the Oil Age, an article in The Washington Post.

Heating of the climate:
Article in the september 2004 issue of National Geographic Magazine.
Guardian article about a 2 year increase in CO2 increase.

Philosophy and the way to life

Alain de Botton
Alain de Botton's homepage.
Seneca Productions is a production company that de Botton and others run, dedicated to make fun and educating programs. Watch out for any of their productions on your local TV.


Fair treatment in the media
Story in the BBC about media coverage of the Iraqi war.
A site related to the documentary Outfoxed, that is about how Fox News is a biased news network. See allso the Wikipedia article about this documentary.


Quantum Information Theory
Introductory article at
Review article by Andrew Steane from the lanl archive mirror, published in Rep. Prog. Phys. 61, 117-173 (1998).